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“I was determined to carve out a music of my own. I didn’t want to copy anybody.” ~Bill Monroe
For over 35 years, brothers Ray and John Delaney have entertained audiences around the northeast and beyond with their own brand of wonderful “brother duo” harmony that was the hallmark of legendary acts such as Jim and Jesse McReynolds and the Louvin Brothers.  With John’s smooth lead vocals and Ray’s high tenor harmonies, they cultivated a unique sound which built a loyal fanbase that has continued to grow throughout the years.  The brothers made a point in every show of paying homage to the bluegrass pioneers by performing at least a song or two from the “Father of Bluegrass”, Bill Monroe, as well as reflecting the strong spiritual tradition of the music’s roots with a few gospel selections.  While Ray is no longer with us, John and the band intend to continue the journey the brothers began all those years ago.  But thinking this means that they are outdated would be a mistake; for as much as they will do honor to the past, they continue to update their repertoire with fresh material, including original songs, while maintaining the integrity of the Delaney Brothers sound that their fans love and have come to expect.  Bertie Sullivan, who held the title of SPGMA’s Promoter of the Year multiple times in recent history, best summed up the band’s versatility within the genre when she penned the following in her liner notes for their CD “We’ll Meet Again Someday”:        “With dedication to our beloved bluegrass music, Delaney Brothers Bluegrass truly has  yesterday’s  traditional sound; but they also have the sound of today!”  And this is the very foundation of their long run in the music business:  that whether the music is new or old, they put their own indelible stamp upon everything they perform.  For they know what only true artists ever grasp - that music is not merely an exercise of the mind and fingers, but ultimately it is an expression of the heart. Bio